Self Preservation Class for wheelchair users

Jui-Juitsu Club

 The ASU Ju-Jitsu club has been practicing on campus at ASU since 1976.  We practice a traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu. 

Fionn Sheerin Sensi

 Fionn Sheerin Sensei has been studying Ju-Jitsu at ASU for 18 years and  has been teaching under the guidance of Chris Christian Sensei for the  last 14 years.



We will be arranging a 5 session curriculum. However, each topic will stand alone, and anyone can attend any single session on its own. 

1-27-2018  1. Staying upright

2-24-2018  2. Joint locks

3-31-2018  3. Edged weapons

4-28-2018  4. Firearms

5-19-2018  5. Review

Watch Demonstrations

Watch as the instructor demonstrates varies techniques to defend yourself from your wheelchair. Demonstrations will be hands on. 

Touchstone Rehabilitation

 Touchstone Rehabilitation sets the standard for excellence in spinal  cord injury rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, and prosthetic  rehabilitation. Thank you for sponsoring this event.

Shooter's World Phoenix

Classes will be held at Shooter's World Phoenix. Class size is limited to 15. Class time is 2pm-4pm.

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 We do a lot to support those with disabilities and  their families - we are a complete volunteer organization, and  virtually 100% of our funds go directly to programmings. Which means we  need your help through charitable giving.  Make your tax deductible contribution.  

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