Self Preservation Class for wheelchair users

Jui-Juitsu Club

 The ASU Ju-Jitsu club has been practicing on campus at ASU since 1976.  We practice a traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu. 

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Fionn Sheerin Sensi

 Fionn Sheerin Sensei has been studying Ju-Jitsu at ASU for 18 years and  has been teaching under the guidance of Chris Christian Sensei for the  last 14 years.



We will be having a 4 session curriculum. However, each topic will be stand alone, and anyone can attend any single session on its own. 

1. 8-25-2018 Defending Against

Knives & Guns

2. 9-29-2018 Defending Grabs &

Striking While Seated

3. 10-27-2018 Clubs & Improvised


4. 11-17-2018 Offensive ways to use

a knife & Test Cutting

Watch Demonstrations

Watch as the instructor demonstrates varies techniques to defend yourself from your wheelchair. Demonstrations will be hands on. 


Special thanks to our sponsor for this series: Cathy Sanberg

Shooter's World Phoenix

Classes will be held at Shooter's World Phoenix. Class size is limited to 15. Class time is 2pm-4pm.

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 We do a lot to support those with disabilities and  their families - we are a complete volunteer organization, and  virtually 100% of our funds go directly to programmings. Which means we  need your help through charitable giving.  Make your tax deductible contribution.  

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