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Our Mission

Improving & Empowering Life After Injury

 The Next Step's mission is to improve and empower life after spinal cord  injury, or any other catastrophic injury, through the means of education  and recreation.

The Next Step envisions changing the  perception of the newly injured, medical professionals, and general  population that life ends after injury. 

Peer Mentoring

 Peer Mentoring is at the core of what we do.  Private one on one in the hospital or other setting or through  electronic means all communications are held confidentiality. Group  session discussions dealing  with living with a  spinal cord injury.  Family coaching goes hand in hand with Peer Mentoring as an injury to a  family member will affect the whole family. 



Educating  PT/OT students by talking with them about living with SCI and the daily  challenges that we face. Dealing with nurses and doctors gives us the  opportunity to educate them on spinal cord injury, allowing the next  generation of therapists, doctors and nurses to provide best-in-care.

It's important to us as well to include the family in all education pieces, furthering the mentality of life after injury.


 Recreation is one way to show the injured  that they can still get out, enjoy life and have fun! Whether it be  kayaking one of the many lakes in our area, or if you feel the need for  speed how about trying a jetski.? Outdoors not your thing? No worries as  we have target practice once a month at Shooter's World - Phoenix. Have  something in mind you would like to try? Let us know so we may see  about arranging it.
​​We  have recently added to our offerings by adding The Family Outing  Program. Let us join your family get together and show everyone how  their disabled loved one can get out and play. 

Check out Upcoming Events and come out and join us.

Donate Now

 We do a lot to support those with disabilities and  their families - we are a complete volunteer organization, and  virtually 100% of our funds go directly to programmings. Which means we  need your help through charitable giving. Learn the ways to give back.  $150 - LET'S 20+ INDIVIDUALS LEARN CONFIDENCE THROUGH SHOOTING EVERY MONTH. $200- ALLOWS FOR A DAY A KAYAKING, INCLUDING TRANSPORTATION & LUNCH FOR THE WHOLE GROUP. Make your tax deductible contribution.   

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